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Pray for my child she is not feeling well, her name is Chelsy (submitted 05/02/2013)

Itayi Muchemwa

Dear Saints of God,I urgently seek for a prayer,firstly for one of our Brother in Lord named Michel MAMPOUYA who has brain cancer and others body pains.Secondly for another Brother named Kevin who is infected by viral hepatitis and pains.Please as spouse of God please pray (submitted 04/25/2013)

Brice Fouety

Dear Saints, I would to thank you for your prayers, I went to the doctor to check up, as I have submted the request earlier. nothing major in Jesus name it was a colon constipation, of which Christ has healed me. no pains nothing i thank the Lord. again saints remember me iam nolonger happy at work with the new rules, I ask God to grant me a job in Jesus name, I believe when we call upon his name he will hear us and answer us and show us great and mighty things we knowest not. Jeremiah 33:3. The Lord bless you all (submitted 01/25/2013)

Brenda Mayinga

Dear brethren in Christ please pray for me. Recently my blood sugar rose up and this has affected my health. Please pray for me. God bless you (submitted 01/21/2013)

Basil Mavangira

Dear Saints of God,I urgently seek for a prayer all of a sudden i feel strange thing moving inside and causes a heat. it started as a lower back back like a kidney, I am going to see the doctor on Monday of 21 of January. I pray it is minor in Jesus name.Thanks for the Prayer of healing, I believe he will see me thru, nothing is impossible with God only believe (submitted 01/19/2013)

Brenda Mayinga

Dear Saints I ask for prayer from all in my personal life. One an unspoken request and the second is I have been changing jobs so often that I no longer where the LORD wants me. I ask humbly that we can agree that what the LORD Jesus Christ wants for me he will grant unto me, he will open the door and close the widows that I may follow in the lght. I search and search and cannot locate the lighted path. I have faith and heart that it is there. I just need and pray that the LORD will step in and take over in my life. I also request prayer for those at my church that the LORD will touch each and every heart there. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ..I want to be a beacon for him not the world...for this world is not my home... (submitted 01/18/2013)

Sister Linda

Praise be to Lord. the Lord have done it for me by helping me pass my exams that i wrote. now i ask you to help me with prayers to gain admission in any of the tertiary institution. i hope by the grace our prayer will be answered by the Mighty Father. please remember me in your wonderful prayers. (submitted 01/18/2013)

David Ayoo Patrick