South Africa Office

SA FlagThe Roger C Collins Evangelistic Association, Inc has an office in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

This is an office at which MP3 sets of the sermons of Rev William Branham are distributed to the people in South Africa and also other countries in Africa. Please visit this map to see where discs have been shipped to outside of South Africa.

The sermons come as 40 discs, 39 sound file discs and 1 computer setup disc (which is optional). The files will play on a computer or any player that is MP3 compatible.

Sermon CD

Anyone wishing to make a donation to help with the distribution of these MP3 sets can do so through the Donate button to the right. The cost of producing the sets is approximately USD 35 per set (exchange rate related).

May the Lord bless you as you keep us in your prayers and for any contribution you wish to make.

Checks may be mailed to our postal address.

South African banking details can be provided on request.

Should you be interested in acquiring a set of the sermons on MP3, please contact our office at