We got married on the 27th of June, 2004 at the Believers Christian Fellowship Tabernacle, Monrovia, Liberia West Africa.
And on the 7th of October, 2008, I wrote a prayer request on your webmaster seeking prayer on behalf of my wife and I for a child as I mentioned the least time in my email.
After Six (6) years of happy marriage, we were blessed by the Lord Almighty with a beautiful baby girl on the 11th of February, 2010.
She was dedicated onto Lord on the 14th of March, Sunday 2010. And the pastor named her after Sis. HATTIE WRIGHT, which Bro. Branham spoke widely about during the climax of is ministry. Because of her great faith in the Lord, her two sons received their instant salvation from the lord. My wife and I were very grateful to the Lord for the wonderful name given to our beloved daughter by his servant. She is called little Hattie Laveleh.
May the God of William M. Branham bless us all, as he continues to mold us into the Stature of a Perfect Man.
We'll be glade if you were to include us on your testimony list on your web page as you requested the last time. His promises are Yea And Aman.
God richly bless you.

Bro. Augustine & Sis. Adella Laveleh, Jr.


Since January 2009 my dad completely lost sight on his right eye, the left eye was already not seeing at all due to sugar diabetes.. In April 2009 Brother Roger Collins came to the Cape and I told my dad about him. He was interested to coming with me. I accompanied him to the prayer line in all the services as he was unable to see the way. After the meetings I waited under expectation for his healing as Brother Roger told us that healing is a process and may take some time to unfold.

Strangely, after such a long time on July the 3rd 2009 he was scheduled for an operation on the right eye. The operation took 30mins, they gave us instructions to keep the eye covered until the following day. The following day I placed him on the outside stoop because it was a lovely day. I was stunned when he complimented the houses in front of ours, saying how beautiful they are.

I am pleased to say that on that day he was able to see everything and I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for restoring is sight.

Sister Noluthando Marhawu

A sister wrote a testimony that was read at the Khayelitsha Easter service:- "I thank God for doing for me something that no-one could do; as I asked for a job, instead He provided my child with a job. ...I was a member of the Old Apostolic Church but God has revealed something to me. I pray that I stay in His house and be His own child. I also want to be baptized in this Message church and obey those that lead me!" She was called to the platform and the pastors prayed for her as she got ready for baptism in the Name of the Lord.

I am from East London and was a visitor in Cape Town at the time of Bro Roger's meetings. It was in the 1980s when an evil spirit was cast out of me in the Oneness Church I used to belong to, but a constant burning pain remained since as if it were a heartache. I realised after two (2) weeks back at home that this devil has left forever since Bro Collins prayed for me in Khayelitsha. I am completely healed and am serving the Lord in an End-time Message Church.

Sis Nothandekile Mzingaye


I am a young man of 23 years who has suffered from ashma since birth. During the 2008 Easter Revival held at Ghana...Aflao, at  which Rev Roger C Collins was the main speaker , l got  healed when he prayed for me. Before now I find it very difficult seating close to an oscilating fan. But I do so now with ease.

Praise be to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Mawuli Haligah

I just want to say according to your word I have a testimomy about my son who you pray for. He was actually urinating about wvery three munites around the days of the convention, which was unusual of him. In addition, he had a long trouble with stomach pains.

But since that prayer, the frequent urination stopped and he has since not complained of tummy pains. The Lord bless you for the great revelation.

Hilarius Seshie

Rev. Roger Collins,

This is to inform you about testimonies from someone outside the church.  The person indicated that after going through the prayer line, the heart trouble he has been experiences has ceased since then.  God bless you

David Dowou

This is a testimony shared while Roger was in Zululand, South Africa during March-May 1998:

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I know that what I am going to say is a short message, but to Jesus Christ it is great.
Brethren, I am a mother of 37 years old in 1990 my side paralysed, never could medicine and doctors help me, because from that time my health never did improve. Different churches prayed, through Jesus I was made whole I thank the Lord although I had been a sickly person having pains but I raised up and could work "Praise the Lord".
On October 14, 1997 I felt sore in my throat, on 15 October 1997 I went to a doctor and he told me that I had to be operated because I had "cancer". I did not tell anyone not even my child and my friend. The only person I told was my husband. He took up the decision of divorcing our marriage. I told it to Brother Sandile he said take the perfect one which is Jesus. He said let us go to a tent you'll be prayed for. They prayed for me. Bro. Roger said let us look at the word, let us look according to Mark 16.
I went back to a doctor after being healed. I am well and at home there is peace. I thank the Lord I have been saved and baptized in the name of Jesus.

Janet King Xaber


Went through Mark 16 line for deliverance of smoking. Smoked 4 cigarettes after the meeting and became deathly ill. Was taken to hospital. After sincere confession was released from hospital, now home and free from the habit.

Sis Peters

Keeping the thought of her brother in jail in her mind, she went through a Mark 16 line. The following day her brother was released and returned home.

Sis Pantsho

Sister Monica Fichter went through the Mark 16 prayer line on the first evening (11-9-98). She prayed that I would have more confidence in myself and that I would pass the Nursing Council Exam to allow me to register with the S.A. Nursing council which in turn will enable me to get a position as a nursing sister. I came to S.A. at the beginning of the year with the hope of settling down here. Due to legal procedures and Red Tape, I could only get employment as an assistant nurse and not as a nursing sister as I was qualified as in Germany. I was often down and thought that I would never manage the exam. That evening at work I already felt a change come over me and felt my mood lifting. Ever since the prayer line I have felt strengthened and have peace in my heart. I am more motivated to do things and the related depression has disappeared. Regarding the exam, I felt much more confident and felt more convinced that I would manage. I wrote the exam a week later and have received news that I have passed. Praise the Lord.
One evening I went through a prayer line myself and prayed that the Lord touch my hip. My left leg is slightly shorter than the right one and due to the work related strain on the body ~ lifting patients etc. ~ I get a pain in that hip. Sometimes I have a problem to find a position to stand, sit or lie without pain. After the prayer line I have felt a reduction in hip pain and am believing that it will go completely.

Sis Tanja Pütz

My own testimony is that after some 40 years of suffering from headaches related to back problems which arose from falling out of a tree at the age of 13, they are gone. Normally after standing for less than an hour the headaches would come. I had gotten so used to it than it was only after standing thro' out a meeting one night that I realised .... no headaches. Praise God. I thank you for your simple prayer, your example of absolute belief in the power of the Word. I also thank our Precious Saviour for his faithfulness to His Word.

Br Rory Blignaut

This is the first tent meeting I have been to and I thank the Lord that I was able to attend every meeting. I have never experienced such love and togetherness before, and the anointing each night was a new experience to me. I had always thought that I was serving the Lord except for a particular sin in my life that I alone was trying to get rid of by myself. But now I realise I was not serving the Lord at all. I received so much more than I expected during these meetings and I know now that I received everything by Faith and I now have the assurance that I am a child of the King. I have listed some of the things that our Lord Jesus Christ has done in my life. May Br. Roger Collins continue to be blessed in these tent meetings and may all his needs be met. He is constantly in our prayers.
1. I Now Have No More Fear And Am At Peace.
On Sunday morning 13 September 1998 I went up for prayer requesting a closer walk with the Lord, then instead I said " I don't want to be afraid anymore". I had not intended to say this. That very evening in the tent Br. Roger spoke about fear and we had the "FEAR BOX" line, as I call it. My request was answered. I was afraid because I was backslidden and needed Christ in my life.
I had always tried to stop smoking by my own will power. Only Jesus Christ can deliver me of sin, all I had to do was lean on Him.
Since I started school I had to be given tranquilizers before every test or exam. I have suffered from these symptoms my whole life. In 1986 I suffered a total nervous breakdown, lost my accounting position and lost four months of my life of which I cannot recall to this day. I was involved in 3 accidents in one day, my fault due to drugs prescribed by the doctor, but by the grace of God I am alive today. The doctor wanted to place me in a mental hospital but my husband refused and took me to my parents to be taken care of. I had always felt a heaviness heart, lack of joy and a sense of unworthiness. Today I have a heart of joy and laughter as I met my Saviour. My life belongs to Christ and Satan has no more hold over me.
In the past, the loud sounds and vibrations of loudspeakers, loud music, etc. always triggered a migraine attack, which would incapacitate me for 24 hours, as I had to go for pethidine injections, as nothing else would help the pain. During the tent meetings, none of the above disturbed me or caused a migraine.
For the past 25 years, I have woken up with a headache and the first thing I did reach for painkillers. Due to this, tests four years ago revealed slight liver damage. On 27 September 1998 I woke for the first time without a headache. They have disappeared and I believe the damage to my liver has also been healed.
The symptoms are gone, I have been healed.
I have woken up for the past 24 years with lower back pain. I suddenly realized one morning that I had no pain and it has not returned.
On 23 September I woke up at 2:30am with the abovementioned problem. I couldn't sleep. I rebuked Satan and thanked Jesus Christ for healing me. At 7am my husband laid hands on me and prayed, he had hardly driven down the drive to go to work when all the pain disappeared and did not return.

Sis Renee Cooney


My name is Suzanne Doucette and this is my experience of the tent meetings that Bro. Roger Collins held in Tampa in July. The Lord really blessed the meetings, it was very good. I was able to be there for each of the nights but there was one special night for me. There was something that had been troubling me for awhile and I was wanting to be able to get the Lord's victory over it. I wanted to go up in the prayer line, but I didn't know if I should or not since I had spent most of the service outside the tent with my baby and did not feel I was enough in tune with the anointing of the Spirit. Bro. Collins kept calling if somebody else wanted to join the line. Finally I went up because I wondered if maybe I shouldn't just speak this thing out. As I stood in the prayer line, I could tell that nobody was saying anything and that Bro. Collins was just laying hands on the people and praying over them without anybody asking a thing. So I thought well okay we'll see what happens when he gets to me; maybe I'm supposed to only have prayer for whatever he prays over me. When the Brother got to me and he put his hand on my shoulder the words that came out of his mouth in prayer for me were just exactly what I had been praying for at the back and standing there in the line. It just touched my heart so that the Lord Jesus could take such notice of me and to give such a strong witness of His Presence. I cannot convey in strong enough words the awe I feel at the thought of the Lord God of Heaven taking notice of me and loving me so much as to give me such an incredible blessing. He is so very real. Please do what you can to hear His Word. He will honor your efforts. Meet Him under the tent if you get a chance.

Sister Suzanne Doucette

My name is Donna Farmer. I'm giving a testimony of the tent meeting in Tampa that Bro. Collins held. On Sunday, July 21st I went up to be prayed for to receive the Holy Ghost. Well God fulfilled my wish and filled me with the Holy Ghost and I know I don't have to be ashamed or embarrassed to raise my hand or to say Amen. I knew after Sunday night I would be tested, so on Monday I went up to have my back prayed for. So on Monday I walked into a store that we were in and my back began to hurt and after hearing Bro. Collins preach about kicking the devil in the teeth the pain went away. The day before we were out and my stomach began to hurt so l excused myself to the rest-room and I went into the stall and began praying for my stomach for healing. But later that night when it was time to come to church as soon as I went to walk in the tent the devil hit me again with the same pain that was in my stomach. After Bro. Collins had preached his message that night that pain also went away. The day that I had my back prayed for I told myself when he was in the prayer line that if anyone were to ask if I specifically need prayer that I would be prayed for and just then my mom turned around and she asked if I wanted my back to be prayed for. So I went up and had my back prayed for and from that time on my back hasn't hurt me one bit. So I just want to thank the Lord for what He's done for me.

Sister Donna Farmer

My name is Tim Farmer, I'm Donna's father and I can't begin to tell you everything that has happened since the tent has been here. Not only have I seen the Bride of Christ in total love like Bro. Branham said that they would be but several things have happened in my family. First of all my daughter received the Holy Ghost in the prayer line. The first night I was prayed for Bro. Roger came and actually discerned what was wrong in my life and it spurred me to later on go into the prayer line and confess it all. By this I was healed of a spirit that has been on me since a child. The Lord just took it away and those desires that I had are totally gone now.
I had another very special blessing. All my life it's been my desire to see my children receive the Baptism in the Name of The Lord Jesus Christ and the night that something happened, I turned around and just looked at my son and asked him if he wanted to go through the prayer line and he said yes so I went with him. When we came back to our seats Bro. Roger said "Who wants to be baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ?" Not only did my son raise his hand but my daughter also and we're going to baptize them tomorrow which is my lifetime dream. Now all three of my children will be baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus and as a result of this tent meeting fifteen years of prayers have been answered; not only in my life but in everyone's life. I appreciate Bro. Collins and if anyone hears this and the tent is in your town or is coming to your town, please go. You can't imagine the blessings you'll receive.

Brother Timothy Farmer

I've been "in the Message" for the past 7 1/2 years but I've never made a solid commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ until this tent meeting! I've desired (or at least thought I did) to have that closer walk with Jesus for a long time. I've had prayer countless times and always came away feeling good and strong for a day or two and then would fall back into the same old lackadaisical spirit. The Lord has dealt with me in a way that He has never done before. The best way for me to describe what He has done for me is to say that He has totally revealed Himself to me and in that revealing I have embarked upon the greatest love affair of my life! I have finally fallen in love with my true husband, the Lord Jesus Christ. My heart is absolutely overflowing with love for my Saviour.
On Saturday, July 20,1 went in the prayer line and told God that I wanted the Word set straight in my life so that I could be solidly grounded in Him and filled with His Holy Spirit. I know God has granted that request because never before have I felt the intense love and desire that I now have for my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. More important than my love for Him; once again he showed me how much He loves me. On my way home that Saturday night Satan tried to take my life. A car speeding through a red light would have crashed into me either killing me or seriously injuring me had it not been for the Lord placing a "slow-poke" driver in my way thus preventing me from reaching that intersection and not only foiling Satan's plan but also proving that He is in control! Praise you Lord Jesus for your love and mercy.
I also had an unspoken request and that was that when an opportunity presents itself to testify of my salvation the Lord would give me the right things to say and the boldness to say them. In the past I have missed so many opportunities to testify simply because I was bound by the devil.
On Tuesday I had to attend a new employee orientation meeting along with approximately 30 other new employees. At the very beginning of the meeting we were asked to introduce ourselves, tell which department we worked in and which office. Along with that information we were to look in our purses or pockets and pull out a picture, a card or whatever object we felt was important or meaningful to us. As I was scrambling through my purse trying to find something tangible yet important our hostess spoke the key phrase "maybe it's something that's always with you." When it came to be my turn which incidentally was last, I told them that "I was sorry that I really couldn't pull out a picture from my wallet but the thing that is the most important to me is my personal Saviour, my Lord Jesus Christ; and believe me, He is always with me!" That statement was met with what I can best describe as a stunned silence.
When we went on our first break from the meeting a young woman came to me and said "I really liked what you said about the Lord, that was really from your heart." This same woman has a picture postcard of Sabino Canyon hanging in her work area. I pray someday soon that picture will take on a new meaning to her. That experience has made me realize that unless you have that deep love for Jesus you can't testify of Him.

Sister Julee Anderson

My name is John Pearson and this is the first tent meeting that I've ever been to. I'd just like to thank the Lord for sending our brother this way and for what the Lord Jesus has done. He's delivered me in these meetings of some spirits that I knew I had and I just needed deliverance from. I thank the Lord for His healing and His presence. I hope the Lord keeps His work in my life and I just want to give Him all the praise and glory in His precious Name.

Brother John Pearson

My name is Sis. Evis Farmer and I'm testifying what He's done for me during the Tampa tent meetings with Bro. Collins. I'd always heard about the meetings that extended with Bro. Branham for days and days and I had never been in a meeting of this duration and I'm thankful I was able to attend every night and I'm very sad that it's over. I'd like to thank the Lord for giving me the desires of my heart. I had prayed for many things. There were just many. He gave me assurance. He gave me direction on some problems that I had been having for a couple of years and I just. I'm going to cry. Better just turn it off. I'm going to cry ...l just can't do it.

Sister Evis Farmer

My name is Paul and I am a 28 year old, single, college-educated Purchasing Manager of a systems integration firm in Tampa, Florida. I said that because I feel that there may be someone out there that feels they don't need Jesus in their life because of their social status. They couldn't be more wrong. The devil will let you believe that lie as long as you choose. Someone may read my testimony that is an attractive, financially stable, and educated person and may say to himself, "I like God just where He is, I don't need Him like you do." Please don't believe that lie. Jesus is all we have. We all need Him. Too many young people these days have all the luxuries that this modern society can offer. Fancy cars, nice homes/apartments, good jobs, attractive companions, active social lives, and lots of friends are just a few things that can sidetrack you from Jesus. These niceties leave very little room for God.
Remember this: (I John 2:15) Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. Many man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. I am not saying that you must possess nothing or have no friends to love Jesus, but you must put Him first. I have been very blessed and I thank Jesus for that every day. However, to serve Jesus you must give your life to Him and He will sort out the rest. He will set your priorities straight for you. You will begin to find out that all the worldly stuff starts becoming stupid. You will search for the heavenly treasures and will begin to desire the simple things in life like love, a happy marriage, and a family. I always thought that I could never live this life, until I accepted Jesus. Because of Him I can stay away from alcohol, tobacco, bar rooms, drugs, cursing, chasing women, etc... Only by God's Divine Grace have I been delivered from these evils and have been able to serve Him. Earnestly pray for that and He will be faithful to hear your prayers. He did it for me, He can do it for you.
I was saved after some serious trials in life. The Lord knows just what we need to become His followers. I didn't listen when He called and I paid the consequences. The Brother that witnessed to me for over a year and a half watched my personal life come unglued during that time. His witnessing and my fervent reading of the Supernatural books by Bro. Owen Jorgensen helped change my life. The Holy Spirit spoke to my heart through these books and undoubtedly became one of the final keys in accepting Jesus Christ as my Saviour. If you have not read these books, I urge you to spend a Friday and Saturday night and do like I did. They will change your outlook on life and give you a better understanding of the miracles Jesus perfommed in the life of William Marrion Branham. I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior and was baptized in April of 1996.
Now, what I really want to tell you about is the tent that is coming to visit your town. When Brother Collins first came to Tampa and preached about his impending visit, I thought to myself, I don't know about this. That's a rough neighborhood he wants to put this tent in and I don't know if that's something I want to be around. I grew up in nice homes around middle to upper middle class people. The inner city isn't something I am too keen on. Anyhow, the first night (Tuesday) of the tent revival I was coming back from out of town and I decided not to go. I was too tired and had to get ready to go back out of town on another business trip. Looking back, I regret missing those services because of my pride and poor time management on my job Needless to say, I finally went (on the second night) and began to think, this isn't so bad. Unfortunately, the next two days I would be out of town again I resumed on a Friday night (the fourth night) and was in desperate need of the Lord. I had allowed myself to get out from behind the Word and I was suffering dearly for it. I got off the plane, got my luggage, and immediately drove my car to the tent revival. All the way there the devil kept telling me "You're just going because you have nothing else to do." I arrived about 15 minutes into the song service and felt at home again. About half way through the service I finally told the devil I could have gone anywhere else tonight but I am here at this tent revival so leave me alone! I am here listening to the Word.
The devil will try to fight you anytime you try to get closer to God and he will try every trick to keep you from attending a meeting. The key is not to listen to him and go to every meeting. The Lord truly blessed me and many others during these meetings. I asked for job direction and the Lord has helped me. He pulled me out of the rut I put myself in while on my business trip. He helped me overcome my fears of these meetings and the crowds they would draw. The Lord looks after His children. Never worry about that. When the tent was taken down and the trailer was just about all packed a sister standing near me started singing "God Still Moves." I started singing with her and tears came to my eyes. I never thought, in my entire life of sin and shame, that I'd be standing in one of the lousiest neighborhoods in Tampa, crying about a tent leaving my town. Let Jesus come in to your heart and humble yourself. Remember, without Jesus you are nothing. Don't let your ego, your pride, your social status, or your so-called friends get in the way of worshipping the Lord. Don't let this blessing pass you by.
We in Tampa were blessed because the tent resumed six weeks later. I made it to every meeting this time and was again blessed by the hearing of the Word. I am very thankful that Brother Collins was moved by the Lord to bring this tent to our town twice. A tent revival would have been the last thing I would have been involved with a year ago, but today that is a different story. God still moves in the hearts of His people. If you are already a Believer you must attend as many meetings as you can. What else is more important? Help Bro. Collins set up the tent, take pictures, work the sound board, etc... Do whatever you can to help. If you aren't Saved, then definitely show up. God takes you as you are and He will clean you up. Don't think you have to be some kind of 'Holy Roller' to show up to the meetings. That isn't what this is about. This tent revival is about you and Christ Jesus. Let God speak to you and only you at these meetings by coming prepared and expecting to hear the Revealed Word preached. May the Lord Bless you.

Brother Paul, Tampa, Florida


God bless you all. I am very happy to be able to have the opportunity to share the beautiful things that the Lord Jesus Christ has done with me in these special meetings in the tent. One of the things that makes me happy, too, is that the majority of the Message Churches in Tucson were able to congregate together in the tent. Now I'm going to tell you how the Lord heard my prayer and how He answered it in such a fast way that I didn't even think could happen. May this testimony be a blessing for all of you.
One Sunday aftemoon, before the service J had a "not so agreeable" discussion sion with my husband (presently he is not serving the Lord and you can't e imagine what a horrible situation it is). Well, to continue, after that discusion there came the worst. My husband asked me for a divorce and it took me by surprise. I told him that it was all right, that whenever he wanted it, it was fine but the Lord's plans were others. After that incident, I spoke with a sister and I told her what had happened. I had to let out what was inside me, and after that I went to the tent service. After the preaching, Brother Collins called a prayer line. At first I was struggling to go or not, but finally Something stronger than I compelled me to go for prayer. When Brother Collins inclined to hear my request, I told him to pray for me for the trials I was facing with this problem of divorce. The brother prayed, but I did not hear how he prayed.
The next day when my husband came home from work, I noticed he was more calm than the day before. I was in the kitchen and he came to me and said, "l want to ask you a question. Would you be willing to try it (working out our marriage) for the last time? The two of us can go to counseling and try to have things worked out." After that I stayed meditating on it, and I asked myself was it Brother Collins prayer that made the difference? When I arrived at the service, I asked Brother Collins how had he prayed for me, and he told me that his prayer had been for both my husband and I to be restored. Then I understood that the change of attitude in my husband was due to his prayer ( and that of the other brothers there, too). Things like that are being done by the Lord in these tent services. Blessed be His Name! The Wednesday after that Sunday service, Brother Collins asked that we all go to the front and have hands laid upon us. I went and the prayer in my heart was that all would turn out well in the interview I had to be able to obtain a house. The next day, the enemy fought me a lot. I got lost on the me way to this interview and came late. My husband was already there (the interview paper said clearly that if we were late they could not give us another appointment, for there were many other clients to attend). I started to pray to the Lord for help so nothing bad would happen, without even thinking of the prayer the night before in the tent. I arrived there finally and the lady called us in. Everything came out all right. We did not have any problems. Thanks to the Lord also for all the things He is doing in these tent services. May the Lord bless you all and give Brother Collins strength to continue with these services. They have been a blessing to me and please remember me in your prayers. May the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be will you. Amen.

Sister Ana Davenport

Thanks for coming to Tucson! Your stories in with the preaching helps us remember and brings home the point just as God's prophet, Brother Branhan did. The word home is why I went through the prayer line Wednesday, Nov. 2Q I've been "homeless" for three months (two housesitting places and my daughter who would rather me have my own little apartment. We get along well most of the time. It's that she is not comfortable with the Holy Ghost in me and I'm not that comfortable with her TV either! So its a loving, mutual desire). I guess what I've needed most in the tent meetings is the faith to believe that my Bridegroom is going to provide a place of abode while I occupy until He comes. It sounds so simple, but circumstances had opened the door for a very real fear which left that night at the tent! I'm so glad you all followed the leadership of the Holy Ghost in your lives in coming to Tucson so we could receive from the Lord what we need. I wanted to introduce myself to you all by sharing a bit and to somehow try to express that I feel such a kinship in the Spirit with you all. I'm so glad we're kin in His family! Amazing Grace! I'll never be able to sing that song again without remembering you all and the Tent.

Sister Sheila Truman

A week before I came out to Tucson, I started having headaches every day. A couple of people had mentioned that perhaps the weight of my hair was the reason for my headaches. I knew the Lord would have to touch me because my hair is my glory and that's something that I cannot do anything about. Wednesday when we had the prayer line and I went up claiming my healing. It is now Sunday night and I haven't had a headache since. I thank God for this.

Sis. Michelle Stemen